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Do you want to develop yourself within the climate sector? 

We value your passion for working with automotive development and also have a genuine interest for technology.The job requires that you create an extensive network on a local and global basis and your ability to understand and accept cultural differences is seen as an asset. As a leading consultant company we can find the opportunities that will take you to the next step and help you achieve your career goals.

ALTEN in Gothenburg are now looking for a, junior to senior, engineer with experience from heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
We are looking for a person who would like to start working with next generations automotive industry! 

- B.Sc.
or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
- Experience of Automotive Climate system development
- Knowledge of Climate system with HVAC and AC system, Air quality and Filtering
- Communication skills and team worker but also on your own without work management
- English proficiency
- Automotive know-how

We look forward to your application! For more information regarding the job ad, Contact Johan Schulz, Groupmanager at ALTEN, mail:

At ALTEN it is our conviction that real commitment for our consultants is created through the choice and the opportunity to influence their own personal development.
This choice allows us to offer our customers the most committed consultants, regardless of assignments.
As part of the ALTEN Group, we have over 30.000 employees and operations in 20 countries. In Sweden around 1 800 employees. We develop and deliver competence for world-leading companies through the most committed engineering and IT consultants.
Our customers are in industries such as Telecom, Automotive, Defence & Aerospace, Life Science and Industry, and we are active throughout the product chain.
Thanks to a successful concept in which we utilize the expertise of experienced consultants and develop young abilities towards a successful career, we have gained ground in many industries.
Our Techno department is based on the same successful concept with the same strong structure within the field of expertise that includes knowledge within powertrain, Medtech and Aerospace etc.

Why should you work at ATLEN?
Because as an employee at ALTEN, we offer you a competitive salary based on your performance and work experience.
You also have the opportunity to influence your assignments, different benefits and your overall working environment as well as choose your career path.
We offer a wide range of internal trainings and an opportunity to plan for an international career.
It is our conviction that genuine commitment is created through choice and the ability to influence your own personal development - our business model provides that opportunity.
This freedom of choice enables us to offer our clients the most committed consultants, regardless of assignments. 

What we offer you
Every employee is equally valuable in the success of ALTEN! We are driven by making people grow and develop, which is why we offer you the opportunity to work with what you are truly passionate about.
At ALTEN, we have a broad range of assignments at most of the leading companies in Sweden in several different sectors, to make it possible for your wishes to come true.
We offer both national and international opportunities and together with your coaching manager, you build your career path so you constantly are able to develop and achieve your goals and dreams!

As a consultant at ALTEN, you will get the genuine team feeling at your assignment but also a wonderful togetherness at ALTEN.
Through our different internal networks, such as ALTEN Sports, Women@ALTEN and ALTEN Innovation you will get the opportunity to drive topics and activities that are close to your heart, together with your colleagues.
All activities are of course optional.
Work life balance is our top priority.
We also have a collective agreement and other benefits like Pension, Insurances and Wellness grants.

At ALTEN we believe in growing together.

Please note: Between 4th july and 15th August 2019 we will not be able to answer questions due to vacation.
No selection will be made during this period.


Alten Sverige AB

Theres Svenssons gata 15
41755 Göteborg
Theres Svenssons gata 15, Göteborg
HR-avdelningen, Alten
publicerad: 2019-07-12
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