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Senior Training Manager

Climeons Heat Power modules are being installed in several challenging environments and both the quality level and performance needs to be world class.
In order to achieve this, knowledge needs to be spread across the company as well as to customers, local subsidiaries and third part service suppliers.

We are now looking for a Senior Training Manager to join our Service team.
As the Senior Training Manager, you will have a lot of responsibility as you will be setting the tone on quality and safety when working with the Climeon module.

As the Senior Training Manager, you will have a strategic and operative responsibility for educating Climeon employees, third part suppliers and customers on the Climeon Heat Power module.
You will be responsible for creating the educational structure as well as developing, maintaining and updating all educational documentation.
You will also be responsible for leading the presentations, workshops and similar as well as making sure a high level of safety knowledge is being transferred to the people working with our products.
The role will also include responsibility over the technical onboarding for new Climeon employees.
Furthermore, you will ensure the educations’ relevance and quality in the modern society, making sure the tools we use are up to date and can be used both locally and globally.
This is a role that requires you to be independent and knowledgeable in your work, but you will be getting support and input cross-functionally within the company.

Who are you?

To succeed in this role, we seek someone with great communication skills and a calm personality.
You need to be able to explain things in an educative matter for different audiences.
We believe that you have a deep technical background (operations, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment or similar), an interest in Climeons products as well as experience from a similar senior role.
You really enjoy the combination of service, documentation and education.
We also believe that you are:

- Independent in your work
- A team player
- Service minded
- Pedagogic
- Responsible
- Fluent in English
- Willing & able to travel

Why Climeon?

You will become a valuable and appreciated member of a workplace where everybody is passionate about contributing in making a difference towards a more sustainable world.
You will have the opportunity to be a part of the Climeon journey from the beginning where you will learn a lot and be given the possibility to influence our ways of working.
But more importantly, you will be setting an example to future members in terms of company culture and values as well as contributing to making the world a better place by helping Climeon becoming the number one climate solver.

Location: Kista with frequent travelling



Torshamnsgatan 44
16440 Kista
Torshamnsgatan 44, Kista
Emmy Redig
publicerad: 2019-06-13
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