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Scientific Sales Specialist at Fluicell // Gothenburg

Founded in 2012 as a spin-off from Chalmers University of Technology, Fluicell is an exciting, multicultural and fast-growing biotech company listed on Nasdaq First North.
Specializing in developing innovative, easy-to-use technologies, we are pioneering in open-volume microfluids for the life sciences.
With a commercialized product portfolio and a strong IP and patent position, we provide transformative platforms to study and investigate individual cell like never before.

Today, we are very well situated to meet our vision of being the premier solution provider for single-cell technologies and bioprinting.
Together with Oddwork, we are now looking for a Scientific Sales Specialist to join our dynamic sales development team plus some of the most influential scientists in the field.

About the Position as a Scientific Sales Specialist
As Fluicell’s new Scientific Sales Specialist, you will be greeted by a highly proficient team with the shared purpose of making a difference, while increasing the company’s footprint and reach.
Grow your sales and scientific skills with us, when serving existing accounts, identifying new customers and calling potential leads.
Adept at identifying new opportunities, you are the scientific liaison between customers, key decision makers and Fluicell - driving sales growth through communication and in-person interactions.
Working closely with the in-house R&D and worldwide distributors, you address customer inquiries at the same rate as Fluicell’s commercialization and product-licensing continues to grow.
In addition to on-site sales representations, technical consultations and methodical evaluations, you are responsible for demonstrating Fluicell’s products (such as the BioPen® systems) at scientific meetings and conferences all over the world.
The purpose? To exceed sales targets and cultivate new income streams; to build productive customer relationships and ultimately help fuel a solid company growth.

We are looking for you...
who during years of studying life sciences have realized that you diverge from the average salesperson.
You are the commercially-minded ambivert who, while rigorously focusing your efforts on accumulating new cutting-edge-tech-skills, possess the qualities required to effectively communicate in a scientific yet natural manner.
Self-motivated and goal-oriented, you thrive on challenges.
Now, you are ready to instruct on technologies that move science forward.

Our wishes:

At least 3 years of experience in commercial operations in life sciences

Scientific as well as interpersonal skills to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, prospects and customers

Ability to plan, lead and implement projects -independently or in a team

English fluency is required (another language proficiency is meritorious)

What Fluicell Offers Welcome to Fluicell’s new big and light premises - a dynamic environment that encourages innovative learning.
Here, you are offered the possibility to develop a strong technical set of sales skills, as well as to grow together with a highly competent group of driven sales specialists, research scientists and technology inventors.
At Fluicell, we aim to inspire you to advance your career.
We want you to reach your fullest potential.

START: According to agreement
JOB HOURS: Full time
CONTACT: Talent Manager Khosro Panah, (for questions regarding the position, not applications)

Are you the one Fluicell is searching for? Apply now by submitting your application and CV.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Kungsgatan 42
41115 Göteborg
Kungsgatan 42, Göteborg
Khosro Panah
publicerad: 2019-06-12
Laboratoriebiträde, kem.lab.
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