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Full-Stack Engineer

This role will see you build key pieces of technology infrastructure that will be used by thousands of users all around the world.
The experience of developing these applications is quite different from developing a typical website or e-commerce application.
You'll be creating technical infrastructure that must scale and adapt to the diverse needs of all users.
If you're interested in going to a deeper level of technical detail, this could be the role to gain that knowledge, and to explore new and challenging technologies beyond what you'll find in a typical end-user application.

Production experience with several of the technologies we use is desirable but not essential.
You should have strong Javascript/Typescript skills.
Our services layer is Python - based, so you should know Python well, or be interested in picking it up.

Our engineers work in both our Malmö and London offices and most teams are split across the two, so you must be comfortable working as part of a distributed team.
We use extensive automated testing, so proficiency with a range of approaches from unit-testing up to full-stack integration testing will be helpful.

Hear about what it is like to work at Neo4j in Aura from Johannes!

The technologies we use most are:

  • JavaScript and React in the Browser
  • Python, Docker and Kubernetes on the server
  • GCP, AWS and Azure


Neo4j Sweden AB

Anckargripsgatan 3
21119 Malmö
publicerad: 2021-04-07
start: Vanlig anställning
Fast månads- vecko- eller timlön
epost: email
sista ansökningsdag: 2021-07-01
erfarenhet: Mjukvaruutvecklare: 5 års erfarenhet eller mer