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Developer, Microsoft Azure Platform

Job description:

The team and product We are the Salesforce Integration team, part of CoE, and our vision are to enable a consumer 360 view so that we can engage and meet our consumers with a personalized and premium experience and connect salesforce with other key platforms needed in the different phases throughout the customer journey.

The team is cross-functional, currently located in both Gothenburg and India.

What you’ll do

You will be a key part of the Integration team currently developing integration solutions primarily deployed and utilizing the power of the Azure platform.

Your Skills

You are an experienced software engineer and feel confident in designing and creating elegant solutions for complex problems.
We believe that you have a strong understanding of multiple languages, but specifically, C# and .Net, and are experienced in utilizing the power of Microsoft Azure.
As a developer in the integration team, you will design, implement and create valued Integration solutions based on requirements shared by Product Teams.
Also, we're an international team, so mastering the English language both spoken and in writing is essential.


- BSc degree or higher in engineering, or equivalent experience

- Expert in back-end software engineering, including data models, persistence layers, back-end services, caching strategies, and asynchronous messaging.

- Experience in working with distributed services in Microsoft Azure.

- Experience in Azure DevOps or equivalent system


Cubane Solutions AB

11121 Stockholm
publicerad: 2021-04-07
6 månader eller längre
start: Vanlig anställning
Fast och rörlig lön
epost: email
sista ansökningsdag: 2021-05-07
erfarenhet: Systemutvecklare/Programmerare: 5 års erfarenhet eller mer