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Team Leader Receiving

Vidinge Grönt is a fast growing company in food industry.
We produce „ready to eat“ product with focus on salad and vegetables.
The company was founded at 2010 and was expanding rapidly since that time.
Today we have around 130 employees.
Companies business concept is to have a control of production process from raw material to ready product, and at the same time to develop our competitiveness constantly.

Internal logistics department and looking for a new staff for following position:Team Leader in Receiving

Job description:

· You will be responsible person in Receiving unit.

· Order pick up for boxes etc.
when needed and send the CMR to purchasing manager.

· Make schedule for your team working in receiving.

· Make sure that all journals and all inventory is done and filled in a correct way.

· To educate new persons that will start to work in your area.

· That all pallets are received in the right way and that all pallets with defects are claimed in the right way.

· You are responsible for all internal handling of emballage.

· When pallets are coming with high temperature – make sure the routine is followed to ensure food safety.

Make sure your staff knows where to place and how to handle allergens in a correct way.

· Attend to daily morning meeting.


· Minimum 2 year experience in such position.

· Knowledge in MS Office.

· You should be able to communicate, read and write in English fluently.

Form of employment:

· Job offer is for full time


· The employment is covered by the general agreement in force between, Gröna arbetsgivare, the Federation of Swedish Forestry and Agricultural Employers for their agricultural section and the Swedish Municipal Workers plus the applicable wage schedule and what has been agreed.
Salary increase during your worked year duration according SLA union regulations.


Vidinge Grönt AB

Norrvidinge Boställe 1219
26872 Svalöv
publicerad: 2020-05-22
Arbetsledare, lager
start: Vanlig anställning
Fast månads- vecko- eller timlön
sista ansökningsdag: 2020-06-02
körkort: B
erfarenhet: must have language:Engelska