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Application developer with an engineering background

This position is a good opportunity for an experienced application or system developer, as well as for an engineer with experience in software development or IT, but with a background more in product development, CAE and simulations.

The position has a focus on working with softwares and applications in the automotive industry.
It can be softwares used in the product development process or closer to market and sales for e.g.
customer configuration.
The role includes e.g.
new development, coding, testing, maintenance and support.
All of this in a close cooperation with the users.
You will be responsible or involved in one or several applications or systems.

You will have experienced colleagues around you in the team with different backgrounds such as system developers with a pure IT profile and engineers in e.g.
mechanics and electronics.
When starting the assignment you will get support to learn about the softwares and the role. 

As an Explipro consultant within application development you will be a part of a team with other developers. You will be involved on site working directly with our automotive customers in their processes and applications.
We also want you to have an exchange with your Explipro colleagues to strengthen the competence of yourself, the team and Explipro within this area.

To work in this position means a lot of responsibility and cooperation with other colleagues with other roles in the customer organization.
 It is expected that you carry and develop a technical understanding for the actual area, but also a wider perspective and understanding of the customer products and processes.
As a consultant at Explipro you act businesslike with the customer in focus and you work in different environments, in teams as well as on your own.

About you

We are looking for you who have a personal drive and ability to simplify complex problems, but also to simplify the communication with people to gain a good relation.
You are helpful and have the ability to listen. 

- One background could be a simulation/CAE engineer or Mechatronic engineer with interest and good knowledge for programming and scripting and to make processes more effective or user friendly. 

- Another background could be an engineer or system developer with experience both from IT and product development/technical development. 

You fulfill the following requirements:
- A higher education within engineering and/or IT.
- Experience as a simulation/CAE engineer, electrical/mechanical/automation engineer in relevant areas or experience from PLM/PDM development.
- Experience in programming and/or system development.
- Database experience, e.g.
Oracle and SQL
- A few years of experience in C++ is very good
- Experience from e.g.
PHP, Python, Java, Node.js, VBA, .NET, C#, Javascript, Angular
- English in speaking and writing

Experience from data science, machine learning and deep learning is a merit.

If you have a background in CFD or car crash simulations it could also be a merit.

About Explipro

Explipro is a young and growing consultant company with a senior profile within engineering, IT and business development.
For the moment we have our main focus on the automotive industry, but we see a great potential in growing into other industries.

Our natural approach is helpfulness and simplicity.
We like challenges and we help each other and our customers  to solve problems of different kinds.
It is important for us that you appreciate our values and that you are eager to contribute to make us grow together.

The culture at Explipro is open and solution oriented.
We have a long term perspective on our consultants and invest in competence development and individual career plans.
To get closer to each other and strive to reach the same goal we have a yearly calendar with meetings, courses or other activities.

We treat all applications with confidentiality.
Write to us in Swedish or English.
Welcome with your application! 


Explipro Group AB

publicerad: 2020-02-15
Civilingenjör, maskin
start: Vanlig anställning
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referens: 2020/5
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sista ansökningsdag: 2020-03-12