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Waiters, restaurant maneger

About the work of waitress/waiter & manager.

Are you the person, nerd we are looking for?

When you enter our Osteria Di´la, your immediate feeling should be that "this is a real Osteria exactly like in Italy, fine place to get a a glas of wine or a nice simple beautiful food.

The staff is super knowledgeable and nice, friendly and a bit like your living room.

Full of friends" That is what we need (your?) help in building!

We are opening our first Osteria in the center of Malmö where we will focus on amazing handcrafted pizzas and food.
We are looking for someone that will take care of service and staff and also normal waitress/waiter.

We are offering a good month sallary.

You are a bit obsessive in having a clean restaurant, and you are amazing in motivate and keeping your staff happy.
(You are more than welcome to recommend a member of staff to come work with you)

The team will be very small so we are looking for someone that can create a team that sticks together and help each other out.
You are a happy person with a constant smile on your face.
You love people and serving them.
You love Italy!

Apply today and we'll get in touch.
Recruitment will be ongoing until we found someone to fall in love with! You start your work at Osteria Qui in Malmö to get started, and understand our thinking.

We ar offering a high monthly salary for the right person.

You start your new work with us in the end of April.

Send your picture, and cv.

Language: , Italian is ok, Swedish is ok.

english is a must.


Spazio Virgili AB

antal lediga platser: 3
publicerad: 2020-01-14
start: Vanlig anställning
Fast månads- vecko- eller timlön
referens: serving staff or manager
sista ansökningsdag: 2020-02-13
körkort: B
erfarenhet: Servitör/Servitris: 1-2 års erfarenhet