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Adviser & Tech Support till Delta Projects!

Delta Project is a leading European ADTECH provider.
Delta Projects provides a full stack programmatic platform for campaign execution and campaign management, ad-serving, machine learning, analysis, reporting, etc.
Among our customers you will find several of the largest Nordic companies.
Delta has 50+ employees with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Malta.Adviser & Tech SupportThe tech support main duty is to be the important communication line between the Sales team and the development team.Delta Projects ”Campaign Management Platform” is a timesaving online tool with no startup costs or monthly fees.
Its functionalities cover most parts of a traditional media plan; such as planning, buying, optimising and reporting.
Delta Projects’ offer also includes training, managed campaign services and personal support.Delta Projects, founded 2002 in Stockholm, has a long history of introducing new technology to the market.
Qualifications:Excellent multi-tasking skills and time managementStrong communication skills, verbal and written in both Swedish and EnglishMust be able to troubleshoot in real time.Able to juggle multiple projects, to manage various data and ability to understand different ad serving and Rich Media technologiesA quick learner and effective workerComputer skills:Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and Office.
Basic understanding of Java, HTML/XML coding, Web Browsers.
Some of your most important tasks are, but not limited to:-Test advertising materials, ensure correct display on common browsers, that the creatives meets the site specs and that click-through works properly-Troubleshoot technical issues, both internally and externally.-Provide professional customer service to our sales team, account management team, and our clients-Create specialized reports through data base search: SQL Query-Provide ad specifications to clients, Account Managers, and sales-Optimize ongoing advertising campaigns-Create, manage and maintain publisher tags-Management of existing partnerships with publishers-Upload creatives into our Ad Serving system-Educate external clients in our Ad Serving system



Birger Jarlsgatan 8, 5tr
publicerad: 2019-07-12
TOM, Technical Operation Manager
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referens: Adviser/tech-support
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sista ansökningsdag: 2019-07-26