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NordGen Farm Animals is hiring a Senior Scientist with background in farm animal genetics

Would you like to be part of an organisation working to promote the sustainable use of animal
genetic resources?
Do you have a research background within farm animal genetics or animal breeding?
Do you want to join an enthusiastic team of farm animal scientists and work with sustainable
conservation plans for our native breeds in the Nordic countries?
If you in addition like networking and would appreciate an international and developing
working environment, you should apply for the position as a Senior Scientist at NordGen
Farm Animals.

As a Senior Scientist at NordGen Farm Animals, you will strengthen the farm animal
scientific team’s capacity to reach NordGen’s strategic goals of conservation and sustainable
use of farm animal genetic resources.
You will lead or work within projects and consultancies within sustainable conservation and
utilization of the Nordic farm animals.
You will facilitate networks, give lectures, and communicate to a multiple group of

You will look for new project opportunities to strengthen conservation measures by tailoring
activities on sustainable conservation in farm animals.
You probably already have a large network and the opportunity to bring this to NordGen –
where you can strengthen existing relationships and establish new with stakeholders in the
farm animal sectors in the Nordic countries – and international level.
You will retrieve options to promote Nordic animal genetic resources.
Moreover, you will participate in everyday activities of  NordGen Farm Animals.

- A Ph.D in animal genetics or related fields.

- Relevant working experience in research, breeding or conservation.

- Successful experience of planning, conducting and management of research projects.

- High number of published scientific articles in relation to academic career.

- Experience of international research cooperation.

- Fluency in one of the Scandinavian languages and English is required.

- Experience in large-scale data analysis in genomics.

- Experience in using databases in the everyday work.

- Well documented and wide network of relevant collaboration partners.

- Experience of Nordic collaboration.

Personal Qualifications:
You are a team player who enjoys working independently as well.
You are working innovative and not afraid of taking on new challenges.
You will also have excellent ability to collaborate with new organizations.
The ability to make quick changes is part of your qualities since you are open-minded and

The position requires some travelling.
The job is today located at the premises of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences
(NMBU) in Ås, Norway.

The employment contract is according to the regulations of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
The employment contract will be signed first for 4 years with the possibility for an
additional 4 years.

More information about the position can be obtained from Farm Animal Section Leader
Mervi Honkatukia +47 407 294 78 or Managing Director Lise Lykke Steffensen
+46 738 171 215.

Deadline for application is 20 of January 2021.
Applications, including CV and references only via the Nordic Council of Minister

Information about NordGen:
The Nordic Genetic Resource Centre (NordGen) is the Nordic countries’ genebank and
knowledge center for genetic resources.
As an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers, our mission is to conserve and
promote the sustainable use of genetic resources of farm animals, forest trees and
agricultural plants.
Our main objectives are to secure genetic diversity and be in the forefront at the
international level as a service and knowledge centre for the management of genetic

Apply here:


Nordiskt Genresurscenter

Postboks 5003 NMBU
1432 ÅS
Published: 2020-12-21
Employment conditions: Nordic conditions