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Postdoctoral researcher in proteomics/immunology

At the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, Fish Health Research Group, we have a temporary 2-year
position as postdoctoral researcher in proteomics/immunology.

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to join a cross-disciplinary collaboration
between labs in Norway, Denmark and England.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute:
The Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) is a governmental research institute in the areas animal health,
fish health and food and feed safety.
NVIs primary function is the supply of research-based knowledge support to the authorities, but the
institute also engages in basic and applied research on issues relevant to society and industry.
The institutes headquarters are located in Oslo, but NVI is present throughout Norway with five regional
laboratories in Sandnes, Bergen, Trondheim, Harstad and Tromsø.
NVI has currently about 330 employees.
In 2020, NVI headquarters and main laboratories will move from Oslo downtown to the campus of the
University of Life Sciences in Ås.

The Fish Health Research Group:
The Fish Health Research Group at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute currently comprises 18 people
working on different aspects of fish health.
We aim to understand and contribute to solutions for existing and emerging health problems in aquatic
animals, specifically fish and crayfish, in nature and aquaculture.
The research group has a large project portfolio and many national as well as international collaborators.

Short position description including work tasks:
The postdoctoral researcher will be working on the project Changing our view of MHC class I in vertebrates.
The project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, focuses on functional aspects of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I molecule from Atlantic salmon.
The project will test the hypothesis that MHC class I alleles from all vertebrates have a variety of peptide
binding specificities ranging from specialists to generalist, a hypothesis originating from work done by
collaborators in humans and chicken.

Assuming we find evidence supporting the hypothesis that generalists or specialists MHC alleles also
affect disease resistance in a species so distantly related from chickens and humans, it would suggest that
the principle is valid for many if not most vertebrates.
This would expand on our understanding of MHC class I in vertebrates.
The candidate will be working with functional aspects of MHC class I including protein expression, protein
purification, peptide sequencing and MHC class I refolding.
Most of the work will be conducted in Norway, but month-long visits abroad in collaborating labs are envisioned.

Selection criteria:

Essential requirements:
- A PhD in immunology, biochemistry or proteomics.
- Documented experience with basic immunological techniques.
- Good written and oral skills in English.

Additional desirable criteria:
- Documented ability to publish scientific papers.
- Experience with protein expression and purification.
- Experience with protein chromatography.
- Interest in comparative immunology.
- Good troubleshooting skills, effective time management, attention to detail.

Personal qualities such as the ability to work both independently as well as in a team will be valued.

Contract and salary:
The current position is offered as a full time (37,5 hr per week) temporary position for a period of 2 years.

The salary follows the regulations set by the Norwegian State for the category of researcher in code 1352
of postdoctoral researcher (current yearly gross salary NOK 544 400 658 300) depending on qualifications.
There is a compulsory membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund with a deduction of 2%
of the salary, giving opportunities for favourable loan offers.
NVI offers flexible working time, a good working environment, possibility for nursery space and opportunity
for rental of the institutes mountain cabin and sports facilities.
NVI has signed an agreement to be an inclusive workplace (IA-company).

Further information:
Further information about this position can be obtained by contacting the project leader Dr Unni Grimholt,
Phone: (+47) 92661039 or E-mail:

Applications must be sent electronically via the Institutes application portal.

In addition to filling the online electronic application, candidates must provide the following documents:
- A list of all relevant scientific publications in peer reviewed journals, conference papers and presentations,
    books chapters, etc.

- Copy of all certificates, diplomas relevant for evaluation.

- Contact information for three individuals who could serve as references.

The application letter can be either attached or copy-pasted into the applications online system.
Applicants can also choose to submit a more detailed CV as an attachment.

If you would like to abstain from the automatic entry of your application into the public search list, this must
be mentioned and justified in the application.
Information may be made public even if you have asked not to be entered into the search list.
You will be notified if your request for reservation cannot be granted.

Starting date:
No later than 1 August 2019.

8 May 2019.



Ullevålsveien 68
0454 OSLO
Published: 2019-04-23